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Evie 2

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Evie 2 remains one of the highest yielding ever bearers with some growers achieving 2 kilo’s per plant. With a large berry size and an exceptionally high percentage of class 1, harvesting costs are reduced.

Evie 2 was selected in 1998 as part of the Edward Vinson Limited strawberry breeding programme. In five years of trials it has shown a number of advantages which are placing the variety as complimentary or a replacement for Everest. The variety is more vigorous than Everest and easier to grow. Evie 2 proving to be higher yielding than Everest with a more consistent cropping pattern under heat stress. On some commercial trials it has achieved in excess of 2 kilos per plant.

The main advantages are:

– Large average fruit size with excellent fruit shape
– Extremely high yielding
– Exceptionally high percentage Class I
– Berries juicy with good flavour and pale colour
– Vigorous plants suitable for replanting into old beds
– Easy to manage and pick which reduces costs
– Some tolerance to thermo dormancy
– Tolerance to Powdery Mildew
– Consistent Cropping Variety

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