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Malling Centenary

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Malling Centenary is an early mid-season June bearer with shiny bright-red berries, firm flesh and excellent shelf life. The variety bears attractive fruits which taste very good and do not bruise easily. Due to its long shelf life, the variety is suited to shipping long distances, making it a good alternative to Elsanta in normal and frigo culture. Malling Centenary is also an interesting variety for early production in tunnels and greenhouses.

Flowering and harvest period

Malling Centenary is 3 to 5 days earlier than Elsanta and can be positioned in the same window as Darselect. The flowers are of large size and produce sufficient amounts of pollen giving rise to a low percentage of misshapen fruits. Malling Centenary produces several single berries on primary stems and usually only 3 to 4 berries per truss which results in large berries and a high picking speed. Flower trusses are normally positioned close to the leaf canopy so can be exposed to night frost.

Fruit quality

Malling Centenary produces excellent overall fruit quality. Berries are firm and attractive with very regular conical shape and excellent flavor. The berries are juicy, sweet and eat well. The brix levels are similar to Elsanta. Malling Centenary is superior compared to Elsanta for appearance, skin and flesh firmness. Across all trials Malling Centenary has shown to produce larger berries and a higher Class 1 fruit. Malling Centenary is characterized by a very good fruit set. The shelf-life is at least similar to Elsanta, with the exception that berries can sometimes appear darker, although gloss/shine is better.


The yield is on average 20 % lower than Elsanta, but has a much higher percentage of Class 1 (marketable) fruit. Optimizing the planting date and fertilization can increase yields.

Pest and disease susceptibility

Preliminary tests at EMR suggest that Malling Centenary does not have strong resistance to any diseases. Early reports show that it is susceptible to powdery mildew (Sphaeroteca macularis and very susceptible to to crown rot (P. cactorum) especially on substrate.

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