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Plant Types

Every plant type is graded on size, leaves or roots so our client receives a uniform bunch of plants.
Please find a brief description of our plant types below.

Mother Plants

Every year we buy in PBM classified plants from the nuclear stock from the NAKT. First 2 generations, our BM-1 and BM-2 are grown in our insect free glasshouse. The third and last generation is all propagated from BM-2 mother plants at our company. These BM-2 mother plants are also available from January.

Fresh Tips

All our fresh tips are grown as glasshouse tips. Depending on the variety and readiness of the crop, these tips are harvested around July. The plants are uniformly graded prior to delivery.

Misted tips

These rooted tips are used for an early normal crop like a normal fresh plant, but it’s much more suited for heavier soils. On heavy soils the main advantages compared to fresh plants are initial growth, uniformity and a better production. Fresh tips are planted beginning of July on a 5cm cup and ready to deliver as rooted tip end of July/beginning August.

Frigo plants

We start harvesting our Frigo plants late November, when the plants are completely dormant. After grading, the plants are kept in our cold storage at -1,5°C. The plants are available from November until August. We grade the plants in 3 different sizes.

Frigo A Frigo A+ Frigo A++
9 – 15 mm 15 – 18 mm > 18 mm

Tray plants

Fresh tips are planted in a tray in July and then grown on as potted plants on our specially constructed tray plant field. In December the trays are packed and stored in our cold store. We can deliver tray plants from December until August.

Van Alphen Strawberry Plants

Specialized in the production of strawberries