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Van Alphen Soft Fruit Plants

Van Alphen Aardbeienplanten

We are a midsized propagator  propagator of strawberry plants. All crop stages are managed in house. We take the delivery of healthy plant material we take very serious. For this reason we have built a 15.000m² insect free glasshouse for the multiplication of BM1 and BM2 certified plants. We only grow 3 generation at our company, which means all plants are coming from BM2 certified mother plants.


Ben van Alphen, the owner’s father, has been specialising in strawberry breeding since 1965. He initiated and has been part of many important changes within the strawberry breeding at Van Alphen, especially the sixty-day crop in the field. Ben has always propagated plants for his own strawberry production and therefore gained a great deal of experience. The company has since developed into a leading strawberry breeding company. Van Alphen have been propagating strawberry plants for others since 1982; we have continued to build on the original volume every year since.

Frank van Alphen has always wanted to continue the company, but he was especially interested in the propagation of the strawberry plants. Since 1996 the company is completely specialised in strawberry plant propagation.

Van Alphen Soft Fruit Plants

Specialized in the production of strawberries