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Van Alphen is part of Fragaria Holland. Fragaria Holland BV wants to contribute to the success of strawberry growers by informing them about the growing techniques to obtain optimal results with the varieties they propagate and the varieties of Fresh Forward in particular.

It is the goal to develop good preliminary recommendations for handling the strawberry varieties in the fruiting plantations in cooperation with research stations, official and private consultants, and based on experimental results and practical experience of Fragaria Holland BV on plant physiology, nutrition and production techniques.

An early production can be very interesting because of the good price early in the season. We do have the early varieties Flair, Malling Centenary, Rumba, Darselect and Honeoye in our range.

The soil, cultivation techniques and marketing potentials affect the choice of the variety. Our middle late varieties are Elsanta, Sonata, Vivaldi and Korona.

Take a look at our late varieties.

Everbearers grow the entire season. You only have to buy in and plant one time a year and there is no need for extra changes on the crops. Our everbearers are Verity and Evie 2.